Make your home more secure on a budget with Amazon Prime Day deals

Whether you’re protecting a family, animals, personal treasures or just need a little extra security, Amazon’s Prime Day deals have some tempting options to help make your home more secure.

I’m not rich and don’t have many valuables, but I do have an active toddler I want to protect. I wasn’t planning on buying anything on Prime Day, but I logged on Amazon and checked out their camera deals. I found that Amazon Cloud Cams are the perfect solution for our problem AND they’re 50% off for Prime Day!

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Toddler safety AND making our home more secure

My husband and I have been talking about getting a security camera system and a camera near our daughter’s room entrance for awhile now. She keeps getting her leg stuck in her crib, and while she often cries and lets us know, we sometimes find her quietly waiting for one of us to come in and help her. By then, her leg is sometimes red and a little sore.

She’s at the point where we’re going to have to convert her crib into a toddler bed (we found a beautiful model that will convert into a daybed when she’s older). We’ve held off for three reasons:

  • While we did secure the two large bookshelves in her room, we still need to anchor her dresser. (We ran into a delay when figuring out how to anchor it since we have thick molding, but we solved the issue for her shelves and will anchor her dresser ASAP.)
  • She has a folding door in her room that opens into a wider open space. We can put a baby gate between the door and doorframe, but then we can’t close the door. If we want to put a gate outside the door, we’ll have to move a small table that’s there and probably get a gate extension. Otherwise, she can easily open the door and get into the rest of the house, which won’t be safe. The other option is to put a small lock on the outside of her door when she’s asleep. We haven’t decided on a solution yet, but will need to soon so we can convert her bed without setting her free in the house.
  • We want a camera near her room. If she’s going to wander, we want to be able to see if she leaves the room. I may even do it with a baby gate just to be extra safe. Even with furniture secured, choking hazards removed and electrical outlets covered, I get nervous when she’s alone too long. I like to have fun and encourage her independence– indoors or outside– but also keep her safe.

Camera solution

My husband and I discussed adding a Nest security camera system for our house (inside and outside) but it’s too cost-prohibitive to do a full, fairly-expensive system.

As great as they are, we have other pressing priorities that prevent us from making this investment immediately. While we may go with that system in the future, the Amazon Cloud Cam fit our current needs.

We could put a video baby monitor in our daughter’s room, but we decided to get an actual security camera so that we could view it and other cameras on the property from the same app and desktop program. When she’s older, we’d like to be able to use the camera as an extra security camera. We also want to be able to use it as a security boost when we’re on vacation. I told my husband we could also set it up to watch our fish when we’re on vacation!

He wasn’t impressed…


Anyway… the Amazon Cloud Cam is a good deal and much cheaper than the Nest system. There are some great, detailed comparisons you can read to learn more about the differences, but for us, the key points were:

  • The Amazon Cloud Cam records video clips of motion on the free, non-subscription level. The Nest Cam Indoor only holds up to three hours of clips on the free level. (Both let you store more if you have a subscription.)
  • The camera is white, which will blend in better. It’s not as sleek-looking, but it’ll blend as a security camera.
  • At the time of this writing, the Cloud Cam is a good deal cheaper than the Nest even without the sale.

We still slightly prefer the Nest Cam overall as a total home security system, but since there’s an awesome 50% off Prime Day deal (hurry before it expires) and it’ll work as a baby monitor AND security camera, and let us see all of our cameras in one system, we went for it!

Shop Amazon Devices – Save 50% on Amazon Cloud Cam this Prime Day

Icing on top? Cash back!

We already got a great 50% off deal and will make our home more secure with these cameras, but the icing on top was getting cash back by purchasing it through Ibotta.

Ibotta is a great app and website where you can scan your receipts and earn cash back on certain items (it often includes deals for any receipt, any brand of a particular product, buying from an online website through them, etc.) I simply opened up their app and logged on Amazon through it, earning 6% cash back.

Any money you receive from Ibotta is added to your balance. With groceries, it normally takes a day or so to appear. For some items, it takes longer– usually until the return period expires. I just withdrew about $35 today that we’ll use for a date night soon, so this money will start our new balance!

If you’re interested in giving Ibotta a shot, you can use my referral code, jihhwoh, to receive a $10 welcome bonus. You can also sign up here.

I normally don’t get excited about Black Friday, Prime Day or any other excuse to shop. I was just logging on Amazon to watch something on Prime. But this was a deal I couldn’t pass up and was excited to share. Making our home more secure is a huge priority for us, and I know we’re not the only ones trying to work out solutions on a budget without sacrificing safety. Security cameras add up quickly, and 50% off one of our top picks for EACH CAMERA was just what we needed.

You can find articles with good pros and cons lists for each device, or you can look it up for yourself (you can find the Amazon Cloud Cam here and the Nest Cam Indoor here).

If neither camera is a fit, Amazon sells other options and has other Prime Day deals going on. You might be able to make your home more secure for a lot less than you think!

I’m excited to hook up the system. This is a LOT cheaper than we thought we’d have to spend on it. And while part of me is excited to see our daughter’s reaction when she sees her crib turn into a big girl toddler bed, I’m not sure I’m ready for it!

What steps are you taking to make your home more secure? What tips do you have for other readers? Let me know in the comments below!

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