I’m a freelance writer and mom with a passion for gardening, music, books, art, research, crafts and the environment. And when two or more intersect?

All the better!

Welcome to JadeKNOWS

Posts on all of those topics are divided by category. Love gardening, but you’re not interested in parenting? No problem. Just click on the gardening category. Want to read about personal finance but you only “grow” silk plants? I gotcha!

Whether you’re interested in those, DIY, discussing faith or going green— or all of the above!– I want to hear from you. That’s what this blog is about: sharing passions, spreading ideas and creating discussion to help live life well. Content is posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and I’m active on social media, as well.

Here are a few top posts to get you started:

» Parenting

• Five products that helped me take my baby to work for one year

Ergobaby released a Hello Kitty baby carrier– and you can get 10 percent off!

» Personal finance

How to use Stockpile to set up an easy investing account for a child (or anyone!)

How to use Ibotta to earn cash rewards for shopping

» Faith

• Should a baby tithe? Why we tithe on our child’s money

» Gardening

How to grow dwarf blueberries in a container garden

About Me

I juggle my time between my small freelance business, JadeKNOWS, my hobbies and my family (my husband, myself and our adventurous little girl).

I love learning and sharing what I pick up. I can’t wait to hear from you!