Ergobaby released a Hello Kitty baby carrier– and you can get 10 percent off!

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Growing up, I loved Hello Kitty.

Okay, okay. Even NOW I love Hello Kitty.

I have a Hello Kitty stapler, file box, Pez dispensers in a lunchbox, and other items thanks to my mother-in-law, plus other items I’ve collected myself. Growing up, I kept an assortment of Hello Kitty pencils and stickers that had have a special place in my heart next to my Lisa Frank, LEGO, Sega and Nintendo, and Barbies.

So when I saw that Ergobaby is collaborating with Sanrio to release two different prints of Hello Kitty baby carriers, I was excited. How cool is that?!

You can choose between the Omni 360 All-in-One Baby Carrier and the Adapt Multi-Position Baby Carrier.

A woman wears a baby in an Ergobaby Hello Kitty carrier. Girl beside her carries a doll in a miniature carrier.
Ergobaby just released this red-and-blue carrier, Hello Kitty Classic. Just look at that doll carrier!
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Woman holds hands with child and carries a baby in an Ergobaby Hello Kitty carrier
This Hello Kitty Playtime carrier is my FAVORITE! It’s the Omni 360.
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Carrier style difference

The Omni 360 and Adapt may look similar, but they do have their differences.

The Adapt lets you do front carry, back carry or hip carry. In front carry, the baby faces (towards you).

The Omni 360 is slightly pricier, but even more flexible. With it, you can do all of the carrying positions listed above, but your child can also front carry facing away from you. Carriers like that are called forward-facing baby carriers.

I have an Ergo 360, and while Ergobaby makes great products in general, the 360 worked best for our family. Even as a baby, my toddler liked seeing everything that’s going on, so she really appreciates the front carrying position. I still carry her in it for hikes,church, working around the house, when she’s sick or when she’s just feeling cuddly. When she’s sleepy, I turn her around so she faces me and has head support using the flap that buttons up behind her head.

Both the Adapt and Omni 360 carriers can hold infants to toddlers, ranging from 7 to 45 lb. You can also breastfeed in them.

But wait: There’s MORE Hello Kitty!

Not only are there two Hello Kitty Ergo carriers, but there’s also a child-size Hello Kitty doll carrier, swaddlers and baby sleeping bags. They’re so cool! And the doll carrier is too cute– what a great way to introduce a childhood favorite to the next generation. I’m planning on sewing a carrier for my toddler to carry her doll in, but I’m eyeing the limited-edition Hello Kitty doll carrier, too.

There are two styles: Hello Kitty Classic in red and blue, and my favorite, Hello Kitty Play Time in pastel pink and gray. Pink isn’t even close to being my favorite color, but paired with gray, Hello Kitty and babies, I’m loving it.

All I can say is that my kid(s) better appreciate Hello Kitty!

Now if only Ergobaby would release a Sonic or Mario collection. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

If you’re interested in purchasing a carrier, swaddler or sleeping bag, visit Ergobaby’s website. Remember– they’re all limited-edition products! You can place your order now and they will ship on March 22, 2018. Ergobaby offers free shipping on all of their products.

Want to take 10 percent off? This code is good for one of each item in your cart and expires Sept. 30, 2018: jo8KbuYBBM.

Happy shopping!

What do you think of the new Hello Kitty Ergobaby products? What design do you hope they’ll release next?

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