How to use Ibotta to earn cash rewards for shopping

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Let me start by saying that I am NOT a shopper. In fact, I try to shop as little as possible. But recently I began using Ibotta to scan in my receipts for groceries.

I downloaded Ibotta on my phone probably two years ago and never used it. I meant to, just never did. I finally started using it this year. I wish I’d started sooner– after we shop, I just scan the receipt in and manually select offers that qualify. The request is reviewed, then the credit is added to your account.

You can earn cash through scanning in receipts and referring friends to use the app. You may get an offer to make $0.50 scanning in any receipt, and/or make money buy purchasing items on Ibotta’s list

A screenshot shows purchase offers from Ibotta
Ibotta has a variety of offers for food and beverage items, as well as for Amazon, Charlotte Russe and other stores.

There are bonuses available, too. When I created my account, I was given the $10 welcome bonus if I met the goals quickly enough. Getting four friends to try it gets you $40. There are also bonuses for different stores and products, like Charlotte Russe, Sunkist, Motrin and U by Kotex feminine care, Silk, Nestlé Easter candy and many more.

In the app, you can select your preferred stores and get custom offers, or you can look up the bonuses if you’re planning to shop somewhere you may not go regularly. You can also check your account balance and see your lifetime earnings and pending earnings, then withdraw cash when you make $20. You can withdraw through PayPal or Venmo, or get gift cards for Amazon, Bass Pro Shops, Groupon, Old Navy and many others.

They get a lot of good offers in. Take this one, for example: If you sign up for Amazon Prime by Aug. 1, 2018 , you can get a $20 Amazon gift card from Ibotta. They have other Amazon offers for baby supplies, Amazon Home Services, and several other categories.

Maximize your Ibotta savings

I don’t recommend buying just to get rewards. An annual Amazon Prime subscription is $99, so it obviously doesn’t make sense to purchase one just to get the $20 back. But if it’s something you’re planning on getting anyway– maybe to cut back on cable costs– then you’re effectively only paying $79 for it after you get the Ibotta rebate, so it’s a good way to help reduce that cost.

Chobani yogurt shown with a rebate in Ibotta.
Buying this Chobani yogurt before the offer expires gets you $1.20 in cash back. Boost your savings with a coupon if you can.

I love Ibotta’s “any brand” rewards. While they do have brand-specific offers, they also have some for any brand of deodorant, orange juice, eggs, etc.

I always try to combine Ibotta’s offers with store sales and coupons whenever possible. The savings add up!

You can also also add people to your Ibotta team to work on common goals each month. The March Level 1 is to redeem five unique offers and have your team redeem $7 in offers to earn $0.50 for completing the level. Then you can go on to level two, three and four, where you can work with your team to earn $20 with similar steps.

To review

To save in Ibotta:

• Check the Ibotta store offers to see what you can add to your grocery list

• Look in your local newspaper for coupons to combine with those Ibotta offers

• Read your store fliers to find any offers you can combine with your Ibotta offers and, hopefully, your coupons.

• Scan your receipts into Ibotta. Be sure to follow the instructions to properly capture the image, and to check off the products you purchased from Ibotta’s list.

• Invite your friends and family to participate and earn cash through referrals.

• Form a team to complete the Teamwork Levels each month to earn extra cash.

Interested in trying Ibotta? It’s available from the App Store and Google Play. Try my referral code, jihhwoh, or use this referral link if you want to create an account on your computer.

Do you use Ibotta? What do you think of it? What other tips do you have for saving money?

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