From garbage to garden: clearing trash out of a garden bed

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We’ve been really happy with the space we have at our new house. Most things have been in working order, minus a few small problems.

One small issue? Trash in a garden bed. Last fall, I dug up one bed with hand tools (all I had!) and pulled out all kinds of junk.

There are a few beds at the house, but none look like they have been used in awhile. They’re full of grass and weeds. While the property is very clean, I did find some trash in one bed when I was weeding it. I haven’t gotten to the others yet.

I found all kinds of trash when cleaning out a garden bed at our new home.

Once the trash, weeds and grass were out, I planted iris bulbs and lillies I brought from my parents’ house– and some of their irsises came from my grandmother. I love that we can spread these plants around and I can have a bit of home in my backyard.

Trash out, flowers in!

I didn’t get to give them as much attention as I wanted to since it was soon after we moved and everything was crazy. I’m hoping they do good this year. If not, I know where to find more! 😉

There are two other beds at the house that are full of weeds. I’m planning to weed them within the next week and a half. I’ve been busy starting seeds in my pots and seed trays, but I’ll need somewhere to put them!

I have lots of vegetable seeds and a few for flowers, but I’m planning to order more flower seeds from Park Seed or Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

Do you have a special plant that reminds you of home? What’s going in your garden this year?

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